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Купи лазерный принтер - получи первую заправку бесплатно.


Инструкция по заправке принтеров SAMSUNG CLP300 (язык английский)


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1. Samsung CLP300 cartridge with end cap shown.

2. Other side view of cartridge.




3. Gear side of cartridge with OEM chip. BEFORE YOU BEGIN...



4. Close-up view of the end cap. Note the embossed arrow pointing
upward on the edge of the end cap. This is how the cartridge
is positioned when loaded into the printer.




5. In order to clean and fill the cartridge with new toner, we must
first create a small by drilling through either side as indicated in
the photo. We then need to close the hole using sealing tape.
NOTE: Do NOT drill on or near or top portion of the cartridge
(where the embossed arrow is pointing up).



6. Note the position of the cartridges in their top loaded position
(embossed arrows pointing up). The space between this area of
the cartridge and the housing above it is extremely tight.
It is important NOT to drill or apply any sealing tape or adhesive
material in this area. The tape will scrape off if rubbed against
the housing while loading the cartridge. This would eventually
cause the toner to leak.



7. First, drill a hole through the appropriate side
of the cartridge using a 1/2” drill bit.

A soldering tool can also be used to create a fill hole. In most
cases this procedure can help prevent excess plastic residue
from entering the toner hopper. Take note that this will not eliminate
the risk of residue.
There are small cheap low wattage soldering irons available that
have screw on tips. If you take a copper water pipe end cap and
drill a small hole in the center, you can then screw it to the end
of the soldering iron. The caps come in both 1/2” and 3/4” sizes.
If the iron is too hot for the plastic you might get a small lip
around the edge, but that can easily be shaved off with a razor
blade. You have to be careful not to get the shavings inside the
hole, but that’s easy to prevent. You can also file the edge of the
cap with a metal file to slightly taper the cutting edge. That gives
a cleaner hole.




8. Clean the inside of the cartridge thoroughly
using compressed air or a vacuum. With a half inch hole,
it would be much easier to just vacuum it out and is
much less messy.  We always recommend using compressed
air, but in tight situations like this, it's best to vacuum.
A vacuum will also be better at getting
any plastic shavings that may have fallen inside.


9. Insert a funnel through the hole.





10. Be sure to shake the toner bottle well before opening.
Pour the appropriate amount of toner via the funnel.



11. The next step is covering the hole using sealing or packaging
tape. Make sure you have a tight seal around the hole to prevent
any toner from leaking out.




12. NOTE: Do NOT attempt to remove the OEM chip as it is fused
into the cartridge. We will simply place the ultra-thin UniNet
Unichip® replacement chip over the original.

13. The ultra-thin UniNet Unichip® replacement chip.



14. Peel off the strip (shown) to expose the adhesive
backing onthe reverse side of the chip.

15. Apply the new chip over the OEM as shown.